About Upstairs Arts

As everyone was desperately grasping for new hobbies in 2020, I bought a vinyl cutter. That purchase quickly showed me a world of crafting and creativity that  brought me joy, broadened my community, and helped me re-connect to the world after a bizarre few years. I work mostly in craft vinyl and specialize in sourcing specialty vinyl, laminates, and other goodies. In addition to that, I print stickers and do vinyl installations on windows. Take a look around the shop and let me know what you think!

The Upstairs Arts store features designs by me (Tom Elliott) as well as other artists in my orbit. You can find information on those artists on the Artists Page, and each product lists links to their socials. My favorite part about this store is working with folks to bring their art to life, so collaborations keep this whole thing going. 


A 42 pound black and white border collie beagle mix sniffing a sticker of her face.